Grievance Redressal Cell


To meet timely redress of grievances and concerns by learners as and when they arise.

Goals & Objectives

  •  The main objective of the Grievance Redressal cell is to develop a responsible and receptive attitude among all the stakeholders so that a harmonious educational atmosphere is maintained in the college.
  • The Grievance Redressal Cell is constituted for the redressed of the problems reported by the learners of the College with the aim and objective of keeping the self-esteem of the College by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the college through encouraging cordial Student teacher relationship and Student-Student relationship etc.
  • To encourage the students to express their problems / grievances frankly and freely and without any fear of being victimized.
  • Any kind of mental or physical harassment complaints regarding class room management, class room teaching, teaching methods of teaching, completion of syllabus etc., if and when they arise.


  •  The committee will deals with all genuine grievances of learners of the college.
  •  All complainants should file their grievances either by writing in paper to the committee or by verbal to committee members.
  • The committee will meet at least once in a month to resolve the grievances.
  • The student shall bring up his grievances in the prescribed format immediately to the grievance cell without fail. The number of grievances settled or pending will be report to the principal in every month.
  •  A box marked ‘Grievance Box’ is placed. Any student may put in their case/concern with name, date and class in the grievance box. Confidentiality and privacy is maintained.
  •  One may refer to the University Circular for more details regarding the grievance redressal process.