A college library is a place where different types of academic books, newspapers, magazines, novels, storybooks, etc. are available for the students to study. It is an important part of college academic sides. It is generally housed in a spacious room of college academic building. All the books are arranged in many shelves. There are few tables and chairs for the students to study. Different types of books are found in the library. These are academic books, stories, novels, religious books and many magazines. A librarian controls all the activities of a library. He strictly maintains disciplined and silent environment for the students to study. Students have free access to study various books and magazines. They can also borrow books for few days to study at home in time of vacation. Recently the use of computers and internet has made a library an important source of information. A college library also provides library cards to the students. The students who hold a library card can take necessary books at home for seven days. A library is really a storehouse of knowledge.

The importance of college libraries is well-known. They play a vital role in education and learning. They promote self – study and reading habits cannot be achieved. They help the without libraries educational aims students to learn and gather information independently. It generates self-confidence and self-reliance. The students remain in the college for a limited time. The rest of the day they have to read and study books on their own. A good library is a big asset for a college.

The books are on many subjects. They are on science, mathematics, literature, language, business, commerce, computers, geography, history, arts, crafts etc. We can borrow books for a week at a time. The librarian helps us to see locate and borrow the books. When a book is already on loan, it can be reserve There is fine on late return or spoiling a book. Once a week, there is a library- period for every section of the class. It helps us to develop habits. It also encourages self-study and self-reliance. We are taken to the to: exhibitions and helped in purchasing good and useful books.

The senior students can come to the library at any time in their spare time. There is big central table and many chairs around it. It is specially reserved for these students. They can borrow books to study them there. They can consult reference books and dictionaries. It helps them to increase their general knowledge and achieve better understanding of the prescribed subject.